MTV Launched 39 Years Ago Today

Well, it has now been 39 years.

Free Fallin'

We did not get cable in my area until a year or two after it launched so I never saw the beginning of the channel. Of course, I was crazy about it when we first got cable. It was like nothing else. They showed full concerts which I thought was great and of course the videos. But It also had it’s bad side because some of the artist or bands had hit songs only because of MTV that would have never made it on the radio. The very first video MTV showed was the Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star. It pretty much destroyed Billy Squier’s career because of a less than macho video he made. MTV nowadays is a big joke nothing but reality TV shows permeates the channel. For a day like today why don’t they let the original VJ’s take over the channel and we could have…

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