The Who – Don’t Let Go The Coat

From their 1981 album, Face Dances. The song reached #84 on Billboards Hot 100 chart on July 11, 1981. I was inspired by today’s weather. It is 15 degrees here right now.

From Wikipedia

Several authors, including Stephen Thomas Erlewine, regard the lyrics of “Don’t Let Go the Coat” as an ode to spiritual guru Meher Baba. The title then refers to Meher Baba’s charge that his disciples “hang fast to the hem of my robe,” where the robe is a metaphor for his teachings. Alternatively, the song could refer to Pete Townshend‘s parents, who were the ones who would pick him up when Pete Townshend descended into drugs and alcohol.[1] But regardless, the song strikes themes of spiritual torment, fear of abandonment and the need to keep faith, beginning with the lines:

“I can’t be held responsible for blown behavior

I’ve lost all contact with my only saviour”

Musically, “Don’t Let Go the Coat” has a country rock flavor. Authors Steve Grantley and Alan Parker describe the guitar sound as being similar to that of The Pretenders, and note that the Pete Townshend‘s acoustic guitar solo has Spanish inflections.

Don’t Let Go The Coat

I lost all contact with my only saviour
No-one locked me out because I failed to phone up
I can’t bear to live forever like a loner

Don’t let go the coat

It’s easy to be sad: when you lack a partner
But how would I react to a broken heart now
It ain’t really true rock and roll unless I’m
Hanging onto you and when I hold it next time

I won’t let go the coat

I try to explain but you never understand it
I need your body but I can’t just demand it
I won’t let go like a stray at heel
(Never let it out of your sight)
Every lonely wife knows the way I feel
(Don’t let go tonight)
Don’t let go the coat
Never let go the coat

Your friends all pass for life is just a market
But you have to finish everything you started
So I live my life tearing down the runway
Sure to get the hang of hanging in there someday

Don’t let go the coat
Won’t get no more chances – forget the war dances
Go blind and hang on – don’t try the slang son
Never let go the coat.

Songwriters: Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend

5 thoughts on “The Who – Don’t Let Go The Coat

  1. I was trying to think of this one not long ago. I liked the Face Dances album when I got it. It’s not The Who as I loved but that wasn’t happening again.
    This one and Another Tricky Day was good also not counting You Better You Bet

    Liked by 1 person

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